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Summerfest 2018 - Soar Like A Bird

Great attraction: "AirEmotion"

Thomas Guglhör am Mikrofon
Managing Director Thomas Guglhör greets the guests.
Besucher fliegen im AirEmotion
Guests take flight with the highlight of this year’s ept summer party: AirEmotion.
ept’s yearly summer party took place at the ept plant in Peiting on Friday, 13 July 2018. The theme of the party was the celebration of the construction of the ept plant expansion in Peiting that had been underway since the beginning of July. Over 600 guests attended, thoroughly enjoying all the culinary and entertainment highlights the party had to offer. The main attraction, AirEmotion, was an absolute hit with the guests.
ept’s summer party officially began at 3:30 p.m. this year. Together with their families and guests, the ept employees kicked off the exciting program with coffee and cake on a midsummer afternoon. A crowd soon formed around the main attraction of this year’s party: AirEmotion. A crane pulled the guests with stronger stomachs into the air, where they were able to take in the landscape from above and enjoy the view of the Alps. Younger guests were transformed by face painters into heroes and princesses, played in the jumping castle, gave the carnival games or climbing wall a go, or rode the carousel. Visitors also had the chance to play a round of miniature golf or table tennis. Any guests needing some shade were able to find relief from the hot temperatures in the tent or under the trees in the beer garden.

Greetings from the ept street food festival

Essensausgabe am Foodtruck Vogl Wild
The ‘Vogl Wild’ food truck served up sweet potato fries, pulled pork, and other specialties.
Crêpeswagen Wunderbar One
Sweet crêpes in many variants could be received by the sweet tooth truck Wunderbar One
At 4:45 p.m., Managing Director Thomas Guglhör greeted his guests and opened the buffet, which offered a particularly wide range of choices this year. Modeled after a food truck festival, there were also various mobile caterers serving up delicious food.

Among the options were burgers and sweet potato fries, mango curry with rice, and all different kinds of crepes for those with a sweet tooth. Grilled fish on a stick and an antipasti buffet from the restaurant Zechenschenke were also on the menu. Visitors ate free of charge, and celebrated into the late hours of the evening. The last guests left the festival long after the clock struck midnight.
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24. January 2020 Schongau, Peiting
€2,500 towards a better future- ept Supports the Tabaluga Children’s Home in Schongau

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May/June 2019 Peiting, Buching
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January 29, 2019 Habartov, Svatava
Plant visit in the Czech Republic – ept apprentices tour the plants in Habartov and Svatava
January 17, 2019 Bad Grönenbach
2000 Euros donated to St. Nikolaus Children’s Hospice
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