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Apprenticeship Day at ept a Resounding Success with 150 Visitors

Peiting, June 2017
This past Saturday, apprentices from each vocation and a total of 13 instructors presented the different vocations offered by ept.Visitors could consult a detailed map to find the location of the different stations. The visitors to the technical department were even able to construct something of their own to bring home after the event: a digital clock in the form of an ept cube on a pedestal.

On 24 June 2017, ept GmbH in Peiting invited visitors to attend Apprenticeship Day from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. At this event, which centered around the theme of ‘Apprenticeships at ept,’ students and parents learned about careers in eight different vocations offered by the facilities in Peiting and Buching. Each vocation was presented at one of eight stations and described in detail by ept’s own apprentices.

While the toolmakers helped participants manufacture their own creations while teaching them the basics of turning, milling, drilling, and laser engraving, the apprentices in the field of surface coating demonstrated a laboratory test using an electrolyte solution. The process mechanics had prepared different granulates to demonstrate to visitors the individual manufacturing steps needed to produce a finished injection molded part. The IT specialists showed off some of the specialized IT equipment that even apprentices in the area of system integration must learn to use during their training at ept. Mechatronic technicians are responsible for an array of highly complex tasks, and the apprentices in this field chose to present this wide-ranging field to their guests with the help of a practical example: a wired structure that can carry out various automated tasks using intelligent electronics – all at the touch of a button. The technical product designers presented visitors with 3-D computer models designed by apprentices. They then showed their guests the corresponding ‘real life’ structures. The industrial management team had a presentation of their own, with a step-by-step description of their department and photos of themselves on the job. With the employees in storage logistics, visitors could put their skills to the test in box folding while learning all about this multifaceted vocation.

In addition to learning about all of these different professions, visitors could find out about dual study at ept, which offers apprentices the opportunity to train while getting their degrees. The instructors were available during the entire event to answer visitors’ questions and engage in one-on-one conversations.

Both students and parents were excited about the event and the dedication and passion of the apprentices. This detailed look into the apprenticeship programs at ept helped many of the students get a better understanding of the different professions and decide which of the many options might be the right choice for them. “I am definitely going to apply to ept,” says one student following his visit to the event. The day left a lasting impression on parents as well. “It is great that the apprentices are so motivated in their vocations and so open to sharing their experiences at ept,” remarks the mother of one student. Many of the visitors were already familiar with ept, having seen the company at job fairs and other events, but they were still eager for the chance to get to know ept even better.

Just under 150 guests attended the event, which was roundly hailed as a success by all participants. Thirteen instructors and apprentices from each group and from different stages of their training attended as well. But ept’s efforts certainly paid off: “This is the first Apprenticeship Day we’ve organized at ept, and so we are that much more excited about all of the positive feedback we have received from visitors,” says Heide Ramminger, instructor for business and technical vocations. Given the results of this year’s event, ept will most certainly be holding an Apprentice Day 2018 as well.

However, those interested in applying for an apprenticeship at ept will not need to wait until next year. ept GmbH in Peiting and Buching is calling for applications for the new apprentice group, which begins training in September 2018. The application deadline is 31 August 2017. For more information, see https://career.ept-connectors.com/apprenticeship.

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