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Connectors? What are those?

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These are some of the first questions that students looking for apprenticeships ask when they discover ept GmbH. At ept we manufacture electrical connectors for all types of industrial applications and the automotive industry. The letters ept stand for ‘electronic precision technology.’
But what exactly are connectors?

Connectors are components used to connect and disconnect electrical wires

We use many different types of connectors when we go about our daily routines, from connectors for wall plugs, connectors both outside and inside computers, and connectors for circuit boards. The latter is our specialty at ept. These connectors are often subject to specifications and standards, and many are custom made for specific clients. Connectors can be found in complex electronic controls, gaming consoles, and even cars. Today, one in every four cars worldwide contains an ept connector.

What is an apprenticeship at ept like?

Quality training
Of course, these products have to fulfill strict standards before they can be used in such sensitive industries. To make sure that we are able to produce high-quality parts, ept needs competent staff who are both experienced in their jobs and passionate about what they do. ept is particularly enthusiastic about training these employees at the company itself. “We offer our apprentices the best possible head start to their careers,” says HR Manager Joachim Ruber. “We do our best to support them as they learn and gain new experiences.” The apprentices spend their very first weekend together with their instructors, getting to know one another and having fun before they start their daily work routines. Apprentices engage in challenging work at ept and are thoroughly rewarded for their efforts with paid vacations and Christmas bonuses, a company vehicle for apprentices, and creative projects as well as support and encouragement as they prepare for their examinations. Apprentices studying for examinations are provided with opportunities to study during working hours, and ept covers the cost of test preparation courses.
At ept, candidates can choose between eight different vocations, from toolmakers and industrial management assistants to surface coaters. Naturally, both boys and girls are equally capable of pursuing any of these vocations, as we like to demonstrate at ept’s annual Girls’ Day. And if you are looking for an additional challenge, you can pursue a dual study program and combine a university degree with your apprenticeship. ept’s programs provide you with the best opportunities to develop your skills and build a career at the company.


Apprenticeship as a toolmaker
As a toolmaker, you manufacture tools for industrial mass production. This includes tools and equipment for cutting, pressing, and injection molding. Absolute precision in the 1/1,000 range is obviously required, as is a mastery of all important machining processes, such as filing, drilling, turning, milling, and grinding.

Information on Toolmakers

Technical product designer

Technical product designer
This job combines creativity and technology! As an employee in the design department, you create models, technical drawings, and documentation for the construction of tools, machines, and plants, as well as for processing technology. Computers and special 3D CAD systems are among the most important tools of your trade.

Information on Technical Product Designers

Mechatronic technician

Mechatronic technician
As a mechatronic technician, you are tasked with assembling and maintaining complex machines, facilities, and systems. Your duties include planning and controlling processes and monitoring deliverables, assembling mechanical and electronic modules and components into mechatronic systems, and teaching customers how to use the systems.

Information on Mechatronic Technicians

Process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology

Process mechanic
It’s hardly possible to imagine our modern world without plastic and rubber products. Our company’s process mechanics produce finished parts from a variety of plastic pellets. You will learn how to mount tools in injection molding machines, how to operate these ultramodern systems, how to maintain and program them, and much more.

Information on Process Mechanics

Industrial management assistant

Industrial management assistant
Industrial management assistants are the all-rounders among the commercial employees; they can be found in every commercial department. This rotation of departments guarantees an interesting and multifaceted apprenticeship that will give you a good overview of the full range of tasks in the field of commerce at an industrial company.

Information on Industrial Management Assistants

Surface coater

Surface coater
As a surface coater, your job is to process and enhance different metallic and synthetic surfaces with the aid of chemical, electrochemical, electrical, and physical processes. This enhancement lends the surfaces certain properties, such as electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and temperature resistance.

Information on Surface Coaters

IT specialist for system integration

IT specialist for system integration
IT specialists in the field of system integration implement technical requirements in complex hardware and software systems. This means that you are a specialist who is most at home in the complex world of computer networks.

Information on IT Specialists

Warehouse logistics specialist

Warehouse logistics specialist
Which deliveries are coming in? Where does the merchandise go? How much has to go out again, and when?
As a warehouse logistics specialist, you are in control of the flow of material through the company. Transportation equipment and warehouse management systems help you store, manage, and ship merchandise in a professional manner.

Information on Warehouse Logistics Specialists

What apprenticeship opportunities are currently available?

Information on the available apprenticeships for the coming year is available in this download:
Available apprenticeships at ept

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

Are you inquisitive, dedicated, receptive, active, and do you enjoy learning? Do you find it easy to work in a team? Do you take an interest in training and technology, and are you open, honest, and friendly towards other people?

Then we would love to receive your application!

Please send us the following information:

  • Cover letter stating the apprenticeship trade
  • Résumé
  • Your last two report cards
  • Confirmation of internship (if possible)

When can I apply?

For apprenticeships beginning the following year, please mail or e-mail your application to the following address by the end of August after receiving your annual report card:

ept GmbH
Human Resources Department
Bergwerkstrasse 50
86971 Peiting, Germany

Point of contact: Heide Ramminger

For more information, please contact:

Barbara Deininger

For commercial and technical apprenticeships:

Barbara Deininger
Tel. +49 (0) 88 61/25 01 327
Konrad Socher

For industrial apprenticeships at the Peiting plant:

Konrad Socher
Tel. +49 (0) 88 61/25 01 298
Tobias Blum

For industrial apprenticeships at the Buching plant:

Tobias Blum
Tel. +49 (0) 83 68/70 9 26

Internship at ept

Can I do an internship at ept?

Ept offers high school and college students the opportunity to learn about different skilled trades and professional fields and to get to know our company.

Are there trial internships for students?

We also invite you to do a trial internship for one of the skilled positions offered at our company. You can do it at a time appointed by the schools, for example, over the holidays.

Please bear in mind that you should apply for a trial internship well in advance, because we can only supervise a limited number of high school students at the same time.

Please e-mail your cover letter, résumé, and most recent report card to the following address:

ept GmbH
Human Resources Department
Bergwerkstrasse 50
86971 Peiting, Germany

Ms. Ramminger will be happy to provide you with more information.
Contact ept GmbH
Human Resources Department+49 (0) 8861 / 2501 0+49 (0) 8861 / 6833 2personal@ept.deBergwerkstr. 50
86971 Peiting, Germany
Education currently
24. January 2020 Schongau, Peiting
€2,500 towards a better future- ept Supports the Tabaluga Children’s Home in Schongau

The New Apprenticeship Year is Here: 38 Young People Start their Careers at ept
May/June 2019 Peiting, Buching
Training Try-Outs: 160 visitors come to Apprenticeship Day at ept
January 29, 2019 Habartov, Svatava
Plant visit in the Czech Republic – ept apprentices tour the plants in Habartov and Svatava
January 17, 2019 Bad Grönenbach
2000 Euros donated to St. Nikolaus Children’s Hospice
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