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ept Supports the Tabaluga Children’s Home in Schongau

€2,500 towards a better future

Spendenübergabe am Tabaluga Kinderhaus Schongau mit 10 Personen
The Christmas raffle at ept raised €2,500. Verena Omic from the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation accepted the donation check in front of the Tabaluga Children’s Home in Schongau, Germany, beaming with joy.  Left to right: Training Instructor Barbara Deininger, Magdalena Guglhör, apprentices Stefanie Seelos, Paula Popp, Leon Kienle, Simon Pudill, Verena Omic from the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation, apprentices Anna Eder, Maximilian Lory, and ept HR Manager Joachim Ruber.
Every year, ept apprentices organize a raffle, the proceeds of which are donated to charitable organizations or social projects. At the end of 2019, a total of €2,115 had been collected via donations from ept staff. Ms. Guglhör rounded the amount up to €2,500.

Bad things happen every day in the world. But where do you start to help and where do you stop!? “There are so many ways to do good in the world. But it’s not unusual for help to be needed right on our own doorstep. That’s why it’s important for us to support a local project. This year, the Tabaluga Children’s Home (Tabaluga-Kinderhaus) in Schongau was chosen,” explains Training Instructor Barbara Deininger.

The Tabaluga-Kinderhaus Schongau is an institution that focuses on caring for traumatized children and young people. The loss of their parents, family crises, as well as physical and sexual violence are the main life experiences that those receiving care there have gone through. Every year, about 500 socially disadvantaged, traumatized, and seriously ill children and young people are individually looked after in Tabaluga children’s projects. The donation from ept will be used to fund therapies such as riding, music, and art, as well as conversation and play therapies, and is intended to help neglected children and young people find a way to a healthy and peaceful life. After the meeting with Ms. Omic, all those in attendance went home deep in thought. “We are grateful that there are projects such as the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation – but sad that these types of institutions are needed at all. We were very impressed by the dedication of the teachers and educators and the comprehensive nature of the care and support, and we are happy to be able to support the Tabaluga Children’s Home with our donation,” said apprentice Maximilian Lory, summarizing the meeting.

On 24 January 2020 ept apprentices, together with HR Manager Joachim Ruber, Training Instructor Barbara Deininger, and Magdalena Guglhör, handed over a donation check for €2,500 Euro to Verena Omic of the Tabaluga Children’s Foundation (Tabaluga Kinderstiftung). The money came from the Christmas raffle held at the ept company headquarters in Peiting, Germany. The gifts were provided by ept GmbH’s business customers and suppliers and distributed by the ept apprentices.

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24. January 2020 Schongau, Peiting
€2,500 towards a better future- ept Supports the Tabaluga Children’s Home in Schongau

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