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We are Committed to the Health of Our Employees

Many factors in our daily lives help to contribute to a healthy lifestyle: regular movement, nutritious food, a safe working environment, and more. Our Company Health Management program is designed to help our employees to develop and live a healthy lifestyle. The Company Health Management program covers the following areas:


Occupational Health and Safety

Whether you’re in the office or at a production facility, potential hazards can be hidden anywhere. That is why we are committed to ensuring the safety of all of our employees on the job. We inform our employees about the potential hazards in their working environments and ensure that they receive the necessary protective clothing, including safety goggles, gloves, protective footwear, and hearing protection. In addition, all employees are required to participate in safety training programs on a regular basis. In addition to complying will all of the legal safety standards, ept goes above and beyond, providing its employees with extras such as work glasses, adjustable tables, lifting equipment, custom hearing protection, etc.

Sports and Fitness

People who move tend to feel much better and healthier than those who do not. Everyone is familiar with that inner couch potato that makes it so hard to get moving again after settling into the easy chair at home. That is why we launched a range of sports classes held right on company property – either inside in special sports rooms or outdoors – and facilitated by fitness specialists. That way our employees can get moving right after work without having to go home first. Employees can participate in yoga or zumba courses together with their colleagues, or they can walk, cycle, or hike as a group. Some courses are free of charge, and ept covers up to 80 percent of the cost for others.


Lack of time or knowledge can often lead us to eat foods that are unhealthy for us. Most of the time, food just has to be fast and taste good, whether it’s that quick chocolate bar for a snack or a five-minute ready meal for lunch. There are so many different foods that are both delicious and full of healthy nutrients, but most people either don’t know about them or don’t know how to prepare them properly. Our cooking and nutrition courses for shift workers and other employees are designed to provide participants with helpful tips and comprehensive knowledge on how to prepare healthy foods. ept is happy to contribute to course fees, meaning that costs for individual participants is kept to a minimum.

Stress Prevention

Stress is one of the major causes of long-term disease, particularly psychological ailments. It is not always possible to prevent stress during the work day, therefore it is very important to be able to assess your own situation and take any signs of excessive stress very seriously. In addition to providing employees with trusted contacts inside the company, we also offer seminars and workshops on dealing with stress, stress management, and relaxation techniques. Employees can sign up anonymously through us or by contacting the individual workshop facilitators.

Information and Knowledge Exchange

Our regular magazine ‘Health Connects’ provides employees with information about current and past events and contains information about a wide range of different health-related subjects. The magazine often features simple exercises that employees can perform at work or even at home. In addition to publishing this magazine, we display new information on our notice board and publish news on the ept intranet. Our Company Health Management team is also available to field questions and comments from all employees.

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24. January 2020 Schongau, Peiting
€2,500 towards a better future- ept Supports the Tabaluga Children’s Home in Schongau

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2000 Euros donated to St. Nikolaus Children’s Hospice
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